Bluebeam Revu®
Bluebeam Revu is the PDF tool for professionals. Edit, Markup, Measure and, one of the most important features, Collaborate. For the customer, the designer, the engineer, in the office, on the field, together, but not in a same place.
Bluebeam Revu 2017
Bluebeam Revu makes it easier than ever to get your documents field-ready. Embed images into markups for picture-perfect clarity. Streamline takeoffs and estimations using enhanced PDF measurement capabilities. Automatically create hyperlinks by File Name, Page Label or Page Region to quickly link up entire document sets and keep the information you need just a click away, no matter where you are.
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What's new in Revu® 2017

Dynamic Fill

Section off and fill complex drawing regions to easily generate markups, measurements and spaces.

QUANTITY LINK (eXtreme only)

Seamlessly link measurement totals from multiple PDFs to Excel worksheets for automatic bid calculations using your own predefined formulas and formats.

Measurement Tool Enhancements

Utilize an extensive collection of measurement tools engineered for more accurate and faster calculations, such as Slope, Rise/Drop, Width and Height, and the new Polylength tool.

Count Tool Enhancements

Leverage expanded functionality that allows for symbol customization, makes counting items faster, and adds more meaningful data to the Markups List.

Other usefull features Revu.


Legends allow anyone to have an immediate visual understanding of the markups on a PDF. Create Legends to show symbols with a basic description, or include additional information from the Markups list such as takeoff quantities, markup status and more. Watch your Legend automatically update as markups are added or modified. How’s that for Legendary?

Batch Markup Summary

Take your Markups list to the next level with batch functionality. Export comprehensive markup reports from multiple documents into a PDF, XML or CSV summary. Specify the information to include by using powerful sort and filter tools, create a personalized Summary Template, and then save your settings to produce customized markup reports at any time.

Revit Plugin Enhancements

Generate smarter PDFs directly from Revit with a simple click. Automatically export Revit Rooms to Spaces, creating a more intelligent 2D PDF that tracks the location of all your markups and makes area measurements even easier to calculate. And with improvements to 3D PDF creation, Linked Models handling, color and material properties transferral and more, your 3D PDFs never looked better!


First, we built Sets to help you manage an unlimited number of various-source PDFs as a single document in a single tab. Now, we’ve introduced Tags to help you better organize and sort files within a Set according to sheet number, name, type and more. With Tags added to your sheets, you can even generate a complete drawing log from your Set.

Alignment Enhancements

Don't let your markups go wild. Arrange markups with even greater precision. Place markups via Align Center, Align Middle, and Center in Document through the right-click context menu.

AutoMark Enhancements

Leveraging improved character recognition technology, AutoMark now automatically creates more accurate page labels and bookmarks from text in your documents, regardless of orientation. Combine multiple page regions, such as sheet labels and numbers, and then easily add prefixes, suffixes and symbols. How's that for organized?

Why using Bluebeam Revu?

The most advanced markup system on the market

Incredible Markup List.

  • Mark up author, date, status and other property information
  • Generate CSV, XML or PDF Summary
  • Import and export markups
  • Share markups and comments with others
  • Hyperlink to the original PDF

The ultimate document-based cloud solution

Revu Studio, your collaboration tool.

  • Manage projects from start to finish
  • Anywhere, at any time. Desktop, tablet or iPad
  • Manage an unlimited number of PDFs or other files.
  • Invite project partners to check out and edit those files.
  • Live collaboration sessions
  • Comment on the same PDFs together, in real time.

Ditch your ruler for good

Measurement Tools.

  • Count and measure length, area, volume, perimeter.
  • Calibrate and Revu will automatically calculate all other related measurements for you, including wall area.
  • Move captions and place them exactly where you want.
  • Create formulas to calculate the cost of materials associated with your measurements.

Extending the power of search

Visual search.

  • Identify all instances of a symbol on PDF drawings.
  • Search a document, all open documents or an entire folder.
  • Find symbols, regardless of their rotation and color.

Many more feature

  • Compare documents sets
  • File access
  • SharePoint and ProjectWise integration
  • Batch Processing
  • Permissions, Security, Flattening and Stamps
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook Plug-ins
  • Bookmarks, Flags and WebTab
  • MultiView and Split Documents
  • Markup Tools
  • Tool Chest
Revu® 2017 Editions
Revu Standard
Our smart, PDF-based markup and editing solution for Windows and tablet PC users. It includes direct plugins for one-button PDF creation out of MS Office, and Bluebeam Studio for real-time document-based collaboration.
Revu CAD
In addition to the features found in Revu Standard, Revu CAD also offers powerful one-click 3D PDF creation from Revit, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate and Sketchup Pro, as well as 3D PDF conversion from any IFC file and direct 2D PDF creation from AutoCAD(r) and SolidWorks.
Revu eXtreme®
Our fully loaded solution for power users. It includes all of the same PDF-based creation, markup and collaboration features found in Revu CAD, as well as OCR+, PDF forms creation, redaction, Scripting, Batch Link and Structures.
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