Digital forms for field operations

Field operations have become much more efficient. You no longer need to enter your handwritten notes into the system when you are back at the office.

With MobileForms, you can generate your own mobile forms quickly and easily and they can later be used both with and without internet.

With your mobile device you can fill in the data straightaway during a meeting, visit, or inspection. Never before have meeting notes, inspections, appraisals, market reports, visit reports, timesheets, order forms, applications, and surveys been so digital! Read on to know more about OmniMove MobileForms.

The 3-step plan MobileForms

Step 1. Create your forms.

The only thing you need to create your forms is an internet connnection to the portal. There you can design your forms:

  • Set your fields.
  • Add default values.
  • Dropdown selections, lists, etc.
  • Validate your values.

Mobileforms supports English, French, Dutch, Spanish and others.

Step 2. Fill in your form

With your PDA, you can complete the forms you have generated. You can do this online and offline, which means you can work with them anywhere you want, even without an internet connection!

While designing your forms you can take care that most of the information is filled in automatically, using selection tables. This will speed up the work of the fieldworker and produce high accuracy forms.

Step 3. Reporting

Once the form is completed, a report is registered immediately in PDF and an e-mail is sent. You can include pictures, GPS, Barcode, RFID, NFC (depending on your device). You can also view the reports instantly via the web portal or via Excel. In addition, you can easily link the data entered to your own system using XML/Webservices.


  • Double entry of data is a thing of the past.
  • User-friendly and structured way of working.
  • Very flexible system: you can create and customize your own forms.
  • The forms can be used in different applications.
  • You can edit your forms online or offline.
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