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The right information on the road

Navigator (CityNav) combines navigation and information. It works on mobile computers or built-in car computers.

Developed for Fire department, Police forces and Ambulance, CityNav can communicate via Astrid or 3/4G network with your dispatching (e.g. CityGis, Abiware, EasyCad, EDL).
WIth CityNav you can add critical information for your business to your navigation system, such as geographical maps, CRABS, Hydrants, pdf's or other objects.

CityNav offers more than standard navigation

Fire fighters, Police forces, EMS


CityGIS manufactures coordinate and geographic information systems for the Public Order and Safety sector.

Control Room

With a GIS system in the control room it is possible to rapidly locate any address. Developments within CityGIS do not stand still and now they have released a 3-D tool, with which situations can be visualized in three dimensions.


Especially for the Public Safety Market, CityGIS develops applications that can assist people quickly, easily and securely in time of crisis.


  • Public Order and Security specific routable map (bus lanes, road signals ).
  • Incidents automatically signalled in the navigation.
  • Aereal photos, topografical maps (Top10BE) and GBKN in the vehicle.
  • Your own data easy to record in both the map and the search facility.
  • OMS objects with additional information, such as plan of action.
  • Many POS map layers are possible such as rail crossroads ,signalization and other important objects.
  • Warning for dynamic roadworks, that allows the planner to navigate around.
  • Possibility to make a drawing.
  • Share the affected area of a fire or gas (gasmal) with colleagues.
  • Add private grounds (Brussel Airport).
  • Visualize the position of colleagues (AVL- retour).
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